Thursday, February 17, 2011

Friday Egg: Purely Traditional Rose

Friday Egg today is a traditional rose or star design executed on a goose egg.  I love the color combination of scarlet and dark red.  It doesn't sound like it would be very pretty, but it evokes a vintage elegance that makes me think of velvet couches and intricate Victorian knick-knacks.  And this design is so rewarding.  I love the variations I can get by altering each little row of squares or changing the color scheme.  When I melt the wax off on these designs I am always enchanted by the final result.

I started with a white egg and following the traditional order, waxed from white through yellow, peach, green, scarlet, dark red and black.  I think my favorite part of this egg is the "gift box" row.  It is the eighth row back from the center white star and is a peach square bisected by two red ribbons with small sprouts growing from four sides.  It is so blocky and big and balances with the more organic forms that are on the inner rows. If you are interested, this egg is listed on Etsy!

What a crazy week it has been!   After a couple of weeks of JoJo's sniffly nose and coughing, I was dumbfounded by her doctor's diagnosis of pneumonia!  I don't know why, but I always think of pneumonia in the same way I think of pleurisy, lumbago, or chilblains:  something that Jane Eyre would get. Silly, I know.  People get pneumonia all the time, but I just never expected to hear that diagnosis.  Also, both ears are infected.  Poor little JoJo was so sick, but the only way to tell was that she complained on Monday of being tired and then said "I want to go to bed." She never wants to go to bed, so I knew something was up.  And she kept talking about getting french fries stuck in her ears.  The doctor didn't mention finding any fried food of any kind in her ears, so that was a relief.  So we hide out on the couch watching movies and playing games until she starts to feel better.

Happy Friday Egg!

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