Friday, March 18, 2011

Friday Egg: Giant Graphic Flower Attack!

Today's egg is based on the idea of a spirograph. Do you remember those from childhood?  I really loved making designs with my spirograph.  I would love to play with one right now, as a matter of fact.  It might help me come up with some cool designs.  But I managed to come up with this design on my own. It is a very bright, very graphic flower on all four sides, top and bottom of the egg.

I love the orange in this flower!  Orange is the most difficult color because for some reason the dyes are very short-lived.  If I mix up a batch of Orange, Carrot or Pumpkin it will be bright and vibrant for maybe two weeks, but will sadly lose its potency.  I mixed up some new dyes and have been using all my oranges while I can take advantage of them!

The color combination of pink and orange is a favorite of mine.  It seems to evoke a feeling of fun, youth, joy and optimism.

I hope you enjoy your fun, youthful, joyous and optimistic Friday Egg!