Friday, February 19, 2010

Friday Egg

Pysanky Roses on Blue
I really enjoyed making the Friday Egg today!  I used blue as the background color which I haven't done in a long time and it made for a completely different feeling. Sometimes I feel that the blue isn't deep or dark enough to set off the bright colors, but combined with the golden yellow, reds and green, it makes for a circus-y feeling egg.

Following the theme of using traditional designs in non-traditional ways, the eight-pointed stars/roses float around the egg, accented with small flowers and leaves.  I enjoyed the opportunity to experiment with different patterns within the roses themselves.  Normally, I try to match any sets because I like the balance of a traditional egg, but since this didn't have to be balanced (at least in the traditional sense) I could have a bit of fun.  I started with the Pysanky Showcase Golden Brown, then went back down to white and back up again. I will be trying this one again with different patterns and color schemes.

Ukrainian Egg in Circus colors

Pysanka Egg with Roses

Pysanky Ukrainian Egg

Blue Egg with Yellow Stars

Pysanky Egg with Geometric Stars and Flowers

Ukrainian Egg Non-Traditional

Thanks for looking!  Have a great weekend.

Monday, February 15, 2010

This is my future...

At least I hope this is my future! I now officially need an iphone solely so I can have this app for processing credit cards: Square

There's no merchant fee or contract just 2.9% of sales.  And the processor itself is a beauty: looks like about an inch square that plugs into the audio jack of your iphone.  Never more would I be embarrassed about dragging out my gigantic machine with (shudder) the carbon copy triplicate receipts that look so 1982.