Friday, January 22, 2010

Friday Egg

Contemporary Ukrainian Egg Poppy Design in Pink and Red

I am trying to fit this in during JoJo's naptime. She is having a rough week and home sick today with a fever and fussiness.  Perhaps teething.

To business:  I have a more contemporary Friday Egg today.  Stylized poppies on a pink background.  I am feeling the need to create more Springtime themed eggs for my upcoming trunk show and Easter shows.  I like the raspberry fluff shade of pink.

Here's a close up.  I don't think you can see, but the surface was etched a bit to add another dimension.

Contemporary Ukrainian Egg Poppy Design in Pink and Red
You can tell just a bit by the thin red outline on the shapes.  That is actually the vertical "wall" made by etching in vinegar.  Since dark red was my last color before I rinsed it down to make the raspberry fluff color, the etched egg picked up that color and it makes an interesting effect, I think.

Thanks for looking!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Folk Art Chandelier

I found an amazing paper chandelier at the website for the Polish Art Center. Just take a look at the marvelousness (is that a word?) that is the chandelier.  They are called Pajaki, which literally means "spiders of straw."  It looks like a God's Eye base decorated with colorful cut paper flowers. Don't you agree that on a rainy day this would be a cheerful to look at?

I believe that this one is my favorite:

From what they say on the website, this is yet another folk art tradition that is dying out.

I would love to hear about other folk art traditions that you know of that other people might never have heard of.  Links to photos would be great!