Friday, July 23, 2010

Friday Egg

A traditional pattern on a goose egg today, with some non-traditional colors.

I started with a white goose egg, and worked on a wide and intricate eternity band.  Next was Sunflower Yellow, Harvest Green, Bright Green, Peacock Blue, Harvest Orange, Scarlet and a final color of Turquoise.  I am not totally happy with this egg.  The final color looks uneven and blotchy.  I should have let it sit longer after the final dye bath. When I melt the wax off an egg that is still humid on the inside from a lot of dye baths, the humidity is forced through the pores of the egg when the air heats up and adversely affects the dye.  I like the plant under the feet of the deer and the eternity band turned out pretty well.  Sometimes it is difficult for me to get the geometry right on these wide bands because the squares squish up as they go around the more narrow top of the egg and can sometimes look awkward.