Friday, February 11, 2011

Friday Egg: Aqua, Cream and Brown Traditional Pysanky

Today's egg is an etched brown chicken egg.  I love the dark brown of the eggshell.  It really stands out against the cream of the undershell.  The aqua is such a pretty retro color, and the combination of brown and blue is one of my favorites.

I started with a brown egg and waxed all the lines that show brown in the finished egg.  After all the areas were waxed, I etched the egg in full-strength vinegar until I achieved a light cream color.  I dipped the egg in aqua and waxed those areas.  I think I would do a slightly lighter aqua next time, but it is so hard to tell color intensity when the brown is covered with wax.  After I waxed the aqua areas, I dipped the egg in vinegar again to remove all traces of color and get to the lightest cream color.

Enjoy your Friday Egg!

Check out this amazing chunk of ice!  We had a cup on the back porch that had a few inches of water in it and it froze last week.  It looks like one of those beautiful glass paperweights with the encased design.  Or a sea anemone under water.  It was just gorgeous and I still have it in my freezer.  I guess it will stay there until it sublimates.

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