Friday, August 12, 2011

Friday Egg: One of my all-time favorites

Friday Egg today is one of my favorite designs. It is completely based on a chiyogami or yuzen Japanese printed paper pattern, so I take no credit for the lovely abstract wagon wheel design.  I dyed a goose egg Gold, did the first layer of waxing and then washed the egg back down to white and waxed those areas that are white.  After that I dyed and re-dyed the egg, layering up shades of gray and black while waxing between each different dye bath.

It has been a busy month for traveling, so no time for making new eggs these past couple of weeks.  I hope to have a beautiful new egg for you by next Friday.  Nose to the grindstone again next week: Christmas is approaching fast and I have to get busy making new and fabulous eggs to sell!

Happy Friday!

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