Friday, January 21, 2011

Friday Egg: Does this look like a Tippyloo egg?

It's still Friday right?  I think I will be getting this done in time to still qualify for Friday egg.

This is a new design! I am really enjoying the freeform movement of the swirling colors.  This design was inspired by my friend Julie. She has a nephew she adores and she is making up stories for him about a make-believe bird called a Tippyloo. She called me to ask whether I could create a Tippyloo egg to send him for Easter and this is what came to mind immediately.  I am still playing with the design and colors - next week when I have a working camera (these photos were taken with my i-phone) I will post photos of a few more colorways I have explored with this design.  It reminds of of those beautiful agate gemstones like this:

I started with a brown egg on this, waxed and then dyed yellow.  Waxed the yellow layer and then etched it down to white and waxed that layer.  Next I dipped in Brick very briefly to get the terra cotta color and waxed.  Next I dipped in Asparagus for the dark green and once that layer was waxed, I washed the dye down to a lighter Asparagus color and waxed that layer.

I hope you like it, because you will definitely see more of this design.

Happy Friday!


Anonymous said...

I like this design a lot. I didn't know you could bleach a brown egg white. I've never tried bleaching at all actually.

Katy David said...

It is a fun design to do. It is actually etching with straight white vinegar rather than bleaching. Try a simple design on a brown egg and then dip in vinegar for a few minutes, scrub with a soft brush and the shell will be dissolved to a lighter color.