Friday, September 3, 2010

Friday Egg

Butterfly Garden Brown Egg Etched Pysanky

Hello September! I am looking forward to the temperatures coming down a bit - it is in the high 80's today so I can see the end of the hot and sunny tunnel!

Friday egg today is based on a piece of chiyogami (yuzen) paper I have had floating around for a while.  I love these papers - definitely worth looking at when you need inspiration or even just for fun.  They are beautiful and delicate designs in gorgeous colors, pale or intense, with subtle rhythm and perfect golden accents.

Butterflies and flowers for the end of summer:

Butterfly Garden Brown Egg Etched Pysanky

Butterfly Garden Brown Egg Etched Pysanky


Shannon said...

Just lovely! Your designs make me smile. They're so delicate and, somehow, really calming.

Katy David said...

Thank you, Shannon! I can't take credit, though - the Japanese papers have amazing patterns. I often have them as wallpaper on my computer and have them hanging on the walls of my studio, too!