Friday, July 16, 2010

Friday Egg

Happy Friday!  Here's a sweet little brown chicken egg, transformed into a strawberry garden.  I waxed the basic lines on a regular brown egg, as you can see then etched the eggshell down to white with vinegar (the vinegar eats through eggshell).  I filled in the flowers with wax, taking advantage of the natural white color of the egg.  I dyed the egg light green and waxed, then a darker green for the larger leaves, next dark red for the strawberry seeds (which you can't really see so that was kind of a waste of time!) At this point I washed all the color off because my next color is Scarlet, which is lighter than Dark Red and following the normal progression of light to dark, this would not work.  I have experimented with the color progressions a bit and will have to do a post sometime about the bizarre outcomes (red over dark green produces beige!).  After Scarlet, I realized that I needed a little pop of bright color, so I washed it again and dyed it Sunflower yellow for the little dots.  Final dunk in black and we are all done!

Strawberry Fields Pysanka in Red, Green, White and Black

Strawberry Fields Pysanka in Red, Green, White and Black

I really like it a lot!  Will have to do more with fruits and vegetables.  They are somehow more "friendly" than flowers, if that makes sense.

Have a great weekend!

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