Thursday, June 10, 2010

Our first tomato!

Isn't it pretty?  This is the first tomato of the season from our heirloom tomato plants that we bought from a vendor at the Hope Farmer's Market.  Tastes just like a tomato should, with that lovely sweet and savory homegrown flavor.  Heaven with sea salt.  We may have to have a tomato party because at last count, we had over one hundred green tomatoes.  I live in fear of squirrels now.  Does anyone know if the flavor is as good if you take a tomato off the plant while it is still half green?  


RJ Terry said...

I think it is best if left to ripen on the vine as much as possible. I know with other vegetables they don't have their full nutritional value if picked early. (One of the key points in buying local) I have never had squirrels steal any of my tomatoes, I have had skunks take them though!


Katy David said...

Thanks, Rob! I am sure they are best left on as long as possible, but I just hate losing them to squirrels.