Friday, June 25, 2010

Friday Egg

It's a little Matryoshka family today for the Friday egg.  I love Matryoshka nesting dolls, but nice sets are out of my price range, so I decided to make some of my own!  They don't actually next, but I am okay with that.  The large one is a goose egg and the small one is a quail egg.

I started with a dyed black egg for the outlines, then washed and etched it back down to white.  I used Pysanky Showcase Lily Rose for the lips, cheeks, and the pink rose in the bouquets they both hold.  The blue of the apron is a new blue I got from Wax Art Supply called Peacock Blue. Also from Wax Art Supply is the Harvest Orange flowers on the kerchief and the Harvest Green for the leaves in the bouquet.  I used Ukrainian Gift Shop Scarlet for the poppies and the lighter red on the apron and skirt, and UGS Dark Red for the final red of the headscarf. 

I had a lot of fun with this and am looking forward to making a few sets of these in different colorways, perhaps even a Japanese version with the dolls wearing belted kimonos.

Mama Matryoshka:

Baby Matryoshka:

And finally, one last one together with their life savings (for scale):

Happy Friday!

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