Friday, May 7, 2010

Friday Egg

Some weeks doing the Friday egg seems like no big deal. Then there are weeks like this week where at 3:30 p.m. I realize I haven't even started to work on an egg, much less make an egg I like well enough to post on the blog. I decided to work on an egg I got last weekend from a vendor at the Hope Farmer's Market. It is from a Phoenix Bantam chicken and about 3/4 the size of a chicken egg.  The smaller the egg, the less time it takes to make, and I wanted to get this done, cleaned off and photographed by midnight tonight!

I was thinking of a geometric abstract sea creature design made with dots. I don't remember the name of the creature I am thinking about, but it has a series of dot-like nubs that get smaller and smaller as they travel toward the central point on the body. The net design in the background was a last minute decision, and I like the idea but the black may be too dark with the light greens and yellows.  I think that the light green background is a little too pale, and next time I will try it with some stronger colors (red, dark red, golden yellow, black).  Hope you like it!

Oh, and even though Mother's Day is this Sunday, my delightful husband saw that I might have need of my present before then (we are busy busy busy until Sunday night). Ta-Da!

The very first latte from our brand new reconditioned espresso maker from Texas Coffee Traders.  I'm so excited - I love my lattes!  

Also, a lovely orchid plant.  I love getting these instead of cut flowers because they last months instead of days.  This one is a replacement for the one I got for Valentine's Day that just dropped its last blossom last week.

And here's my sweet kitty Blanca, at her usual spot on the back of the couch:

Yay for early Mother's Day!

Have a wonderful weekend!


elizabeth @ twelvecrafts said...

Love the egg!

Katy David said...

Thanks, Elizabeth! I'm still on the fence but coming around...