Monday, April 26, 2010

Scavenged Arrangement

I realized on my morning walk with the dog that there are some really lovely spring weeds growing. So instead of scooping poop with my plastic bag, I toted home some nameless weeds and combined them with some flowers and foliage from our yard et, VOILA!  Instant arrangement.

Check out this rose bush!  It is totally overgrown and at least 12 feet tall with the most perfectly scarlet roses. We don't water or fertilize it which is probably why it is so happy.  We just leave it alone to do what it will.

Here's an unknown type of tree/shrub that is blooming in our backyard that I also used in the arrangement:

Here's the finished arrangement:

Anyone know what this green weed is?:

I think it turned out amazingly well, considering I spent absolutely nothing on it.

Happy spring everyone!

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