Monday, January 11, 2010

Magnetic Paper Dolls *Now With Lamination!

After seeing onepearlbutton's blog post, I just had to try to make these magnetic paper dolls for JoJo.  The Betsy McCall paper dolls are adorable for this project and there is a huge selection of cute retro outfits. My favorite is the leopard print coat: so stylish! 

Of course, my project didn't go quite as smoothly as it should have.  My printable magnets were not really printable (at least on my printer), so I ended up printing the dolls on label paper, cutting them out and then sticking the labels onto the magnet sheet.  My big brainstorm was to then "laminate" them with clear Contact paper which turned out to be a really smart idea:  the first thing JoJo did was take a blue marker to the doll's faces!  I was able to wipe off the marker easily.  Whew.  

Here's all the magnets up on the fridge:

My favorite is the leopard print coat:  so stylish!

Here's two of them dressed up in my favorite outfits:

I have two more sheets of the "printable" magnets (in quotes because so NOT printable) that I think I will use for accessories like hats, umbrellas, cats, cars and bulldozers.  

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