Friday, January 29, 2010

Friday Egg

Friday Egg this week is an example of one of my "window" eggs.  Etched pretty heavily on a goose egg for some texture as well as color.  I started with Pysanky Showcase Golden Brown for the outline color, then took it back down to white, through all the colors to black, then took it back down to white for the final color.  I hope you enjoy it.

Pysanky Windows Style


Anonymous said...

This is stunning! I've yet to try etching or bleaching eggs. I'm going to check into that kistka you mention too. Mine is old and trustworthy but the line isn't as fine as I'd like. I have a couple of other tips but they won't cooperate. The colors you get are wonderful. So vibrant.

Jana said...

This egg is just gorgeous! I always love to see your work, it grows and gets more intricate with each egg. You really ought to branch out into textile design! Awesome.