Friday, September 11, 2009

Today I worked on the custom egg for my friend "Pyk" at the Cherrywood Coffee house. I have rediscovered my love for hanging out in coffee houses to work on things when I really need to concentrate. At home there are simply too many distractions: dishes, sweeping, cat vomit, the intertubes...

I worked on trying to incorporate the initial "C" into a Trypillian eternity band design and came up with three or four workable concepts. Now to find a good central motif. I would like to do a stylized German Shepherd since that it the kind of dog Pyk has, but I don't know if I am up to speed on the essence of German Shepherd enough to translate it into a stylized visual.

I am also attempting to set up a Zazzle store so I can sell things like tote bags, stationery, or Keds with my egg designs on them. I can't wait until my digital imaging class starts in a couple of weeks to that I can more easily edit my images and make them more print friendly.

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