Thursday, September 24, 2009

Second day volunteering at the HRC

And I did my second day of volunteering - it was fun! The museum received Robert DeNiro's costume collection, and today I got to see Travis Bickle's jacket and plaid shirt from Taxi Driver (my husband was very jealous!) and the feather boa and pink dress from this scene in Stardust! 
this scene in Stardust This place is amazing! The meeting was a half hour discussion of hangers for the coats! There was a choice of four kinds of metal hanger, then templates of cardboard forms (four of them) for the shoulders, what kind of padding the cardboard form should have, then a prototype of muslin slipcover (how heavy, what kind of fasteners, should it be closed at the bottom, etc. ) And after all that, they all just nodded and said "Very interesting ideas here. We will have to talk some more about it." The woman who I am working with actually said that there is nothing that she ever does that has a deadline. They are literally allowed as much time as they need to finish whatever it is they are working on. I cannot imagine having a job that is that mellow. I could definitely work at a place like that! Not that they don't work hard, but they are able to do a good job and do it right.

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